Dabbling in Photography…

There are many things that I love, and obviously, as many of you know by now, teaching dance is one of them.  What many people don’t know about me is that I also love to dabble in photography. Dance photography, specifically. Although I have no formal (or even informal, ha) training with the camera, I find it fascinating what you can do with a few dancers and some downtown cityscapes.

My photography journey began in 2011 when I took a simple point and shoot camera with me to downtown Indianapolis while on break at a dance competition nearby. A couple of my advanced dancers and I were just messing around shooting unique poses in hidden alleys and after I saw the photos, I was instantly craving more.  I found myself taking dozens of my dancers out in my local area to shoot photos that then became artwork in my studio when it opened. I just loved finding interesting angles to display the delicate lines of my dancers.

I’m somewhat timid about sharing my photography with the world, especially in this day and age of so many brilliant photographers with high end equipment who have taken numerous professional courses to learn their skill. However, the photos that I take usually have great meaning to me and I’m ready to share them on this blog. Seeing all of the training, dedication, and hard work that my dancers put into their training come to fruition in a permanent photograph is such a thrill. Even just the simplest of poses that you see in some of my photos takes great skill and strength to hold. Now imagine the dancers holding these poses for up to 2-3 minutes while I find the perfect angle to shoot them at. It’s tough to say the least. Majority of my photos are dancers with whom I’ve trained. Whom I work with daily in the classroom. I have chosen some of my personal favorites from the 2014-2015 dance season to share with you now. In my eyes they are beautiful and I hope you feel the same. Enjoy.


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